Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

At Woodhaven Center of Care, we offer Speech Therapy as part of our rehabilitation services for residents with certain conditions. Speech Therapy may be necessary for those who have suffered from a stroke or head injury, and is helpful for patients who have trouble swallowing, dementia, oral cancer, or Huntington’s Disease.

Speech issues can occur as part of the natural aging process as vocal cords can become less elastic and larynx muscles weaken. This can make it difficult for seniors to speak in the manner that they are used to and can also affect how well they are able to swallow food. Many find Speech Therapy helpful in regaining those abilities once again through vocal exercises and dietary recommendations. Two common impairments that will require Speech Therapy are Aphasia and Dysphagia. Aphasia is a common condition for victims of stroke with about 25-40% of people developing the inability to speak, read, or write normally after a stroke or after developing other neurological disorders such as dementia. Dysphagia is a condition in which patients have difficulty swallowing properly and if untreated can cause malnutrition, dehydration or infection. Most people will be able to recover from these conditions if they immediately receive the proper therapy and care.

It is very important for seniors to be able to effectively communicate their needs in order for caregivers to provide them with the proper attention they require. Our speech therapy program focuses on prevention as well as restoration, providing one on one care that will help you or your loved one continue to communicate with the world around them.

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