Short-Term Care

Short-Term Rehabilitation

audrey-burke-rehab-personAfter spending some time in the hospital due to illness or injury, there may come a time when a person is ready to leave the hospital bed, but not quite ready to go home yet. They may still require care such as physical or occupational therapy, or may need to spend some time under 24-hour supervision to ensure that they recover fully. At Woodhaven Center of Care, our staff works hard to support short-term rehabilitation residents in their healing processes in order to help them take back their independence again. Our goal is to transfer residents to either our assisted living facility or safely back to their own homes.

jeanette-agencyShort-term rehabilitation is a great option for patients who may have suffered a fracture, stroke, or amputation and will continue to need restorative therapy. We are able to continue providing therapies and around-the-clock care for the patient in a more comfortable setting once the hospital has discharged them. Our Skilled Nursing facility can offer these services at a more affordable rate than a hospital and provide a more personal approach to their healing. Our facilities are equipped with many special services such as x-rays and radiology so that residents don’t need to be transported to an outside facility. At Woodhaven, we aim to give you or your loved one more than a recovery period, but to also provide you with everything needed to have a smooth transition back home. Our staff includes RNs, Nurse Practitioners and a staff Physician that are able to assess and monitor a residents condition on a regular basis and ensure that they are making the progress that they should. We understand that this process can be difficult for both the resident and their family, and our staff is dedicated to creating a comfortable, safe environment that will allow for a timely and eminent discharge.

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