Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapy Program at Woodhaven Center for Care is designed to help residents regain their independence by increasing mobility. When a person’s function and mobility has been impaired due to an injury or illness, it is vital that they begin a Physical Therapy program to help restore lost function and prevent another injury and/or manage their pain. Not only will this therapy help improve their range of motion, but it will help them to regain confidence and make daily activities easier resulting in a better quality of life.

john-jeanette-brochureAs we age our bodies tend to lose flexibility, muscle strength, and balance. This makes it difficult to maintain a high level of fitness and physical activity. Because of this, seniors are at a high risk of experiencing a fall that can be debilitating and even life threatening especially if they do not receive the proper care they need. One of the most important things our Physical Therapy staff can do for our residents is help them to improve their balance to prevent falls while also giving them the ability to get their bodies moving again. During the aging process, joints and muscles tend to get stiff if they do not move often which can lead to other serious problems down the line. Residents with arthritis will also benefit from Physical Therapy because they learn techniques that will help to alleviate their pain and preserve the energy and strength of their joints. Physical Therapy can also control the effects of Osteoporosis and prevent any dangerous falls that could cause debilitating fractures.

Our Physical Therapy staff provides individualized attention to restore the mobility of the residents, whether on their own or with an assistive device. As with other treatment modalities offered at Woodhaven, Physical Therapy aims to improve the resident’s abilities and self-image and involves family and friends in the recovery process. The ideal goal is to facilitate a smooth and rapid transition home so they can get back to living a full and more independent life.

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