Recreational Therapy

ryder-9-13Our Recreational Therapy Department plays an important role in each of our resident’s lives. Our programs are designed to help residents reach their full potential at any level and at the same time bring them enjoyment and entertainment. Residents are always encouraged to partake in all programs offered which are designed to stimulate them socially, physically, spiritually, intellectually and provide emotional support. Recreational services are ongoing, 7-days a week throughout the year. In addition to our daily programs, we celebrate special events, outings, holidays, religious services and monthly birthdays. Our programs and activities create a sense of community among residents that will continue to increase their quality of life and give them a positive experience at Woodhaven Center of Care.

The Resident Council

The Resident Council provides a forum for residents to voice opinions, concerns, or grievances, and to join with others in making suggestions, solving problems, or bringing them to the attention of the staff and/or administration. All residents are invited and encouraged to participate in the Resident Council. Resident Council officers are elected by the residents.