Food and Nutritional Services

christine-dietaryHere at Woodhaven Center of Care, we offer a customer centered approach to your diet. The Food and Nutritional Service Department makes every effort to provide nutritious meals that our residents will enjoy eating. Our dietitians meet with our residents and/or family members to get a good understanding of their loved ones’ likes and dislikes and incorporate them into their meal plans.

We have a liberal outlook when it comes to pleasing and caring for our residents/patients dietary needs. By paying special attention to resident requests, we are able to create an environment that feels just like home, making the adjustment to their time with us easy and pleasurable. Whether they are receiving long-term or short-term care we make sure to accommodate residents that have special nutritional needs and provide a variety of options for every meal. If you or your loved one have any special food or nutritional requests we can schedule a meeting with one of our licensed dietitians who will do their best to honor them as long as they fit in with the residents medical or recovery plan.

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