Assisted Living Amenities

Assisted Living Amenities


Woodhaven Center for Care Assisted Living Facility provides a long list of amenities to make our residents comfortable. Residents who are unable to perform daily tasks such as cleaning and cooking are accommodated by our staff and are able to spend time engaging in social activities with other residents. We are dedicated to making you or your loved one’s stay at Woodhaven a positive experience where they will be able to spend their time enjoying a happy and full life surrounded by caring individuals.

We provide the following amenities within our Assisted Living Facility:


Our staff provides housekeeping services for all resident apartments. Housekeeping will service residents regularly but is available 24 hours a day for any emergency messes or spills.

Case Management

Woodhaven’s Case Management staff is dedicated to getting to know each resident and their situation in order to evaluate and assess their needs. They are able to communicate with families of residents as well as physicians and therapists, in order to coordinate every aspect of care. Case Managers also provide companionship and approach each resident with understanding and compassion, treating them like a member of their own family.

Laundry/Linen Service

In order to ensure good hygiene practices, our staff provides regular laundry service. Clean linens are readily available for residents at any time of day should any emergencies occur.

Social Activities and Outings

Woodhaven is happy to provide patients with regular group outings outside of our facilities. Transportation is provided and staff members are always present to supervise. Woodhaven also coordinates social activities in order for residents to stay active and engaged with their community.

Supervision with Medications

Our staff is trained to ensure that each resident maintains a schedule of daily medications and can assist with administering medications as needed.

24-Hour Supervision

Our Assisted Living Facility is under 24-hour supervision to ensure the safety of our residents. Care is uninterrupted all day and night. Should an emergency arise, there will always be someone there to attend to you or your loved one.

Dietitian Consults

Our staff includes a registered dietitian who can work with residents on an individualized basis to make dietary recommendations based on their needs. Our experienced dietitians are able to create unique, healthy meal plans for each resident and will ensure that they are receiving the nourishment they need.


Residents in our Assisted Living Facility receive 3 meals a day. Meals can be customized based on preferences as well as nutritional needs.

Assisted Living Services

Woodhaven’s Assisted Living facility is dedicated to making our residents feel at home. We provide all the services and amenities that every resident would need to make their stay comfortable. Our services include:

  • Personal care and home health aide services
  • Home exercise program
  • Skilled Nursing services such as insulin
  • Eye-drop administration
  • Supplying of briefs and incontinence care
  • Products
  • Housekeeping
  • Case management
  • Laundry/linen service
  • Social activities and outings
  • Supervision with medications
  • 24-hour supervision
  • Dietician consults
  • Meals

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