Assisted Living Admissions


Prospective ALP participants can be screened in the community, hospital or nursing facility. Many prospective participants are admitted to the Adult Home prior to ALP acceptance. Adult Home admission requirements include:

  • Our medical evaluation form completed by primary physician
  • Mental health evaluation & attachments A&B (if history of mental illness)
  • Prescriptions for all medications including supplements and OTC
  • Prescriptions for Physical Therapy and print-out of home exercise programs
  • Recent PPD results
  • Copies of relevant lab work and consults
  • Prescriptions for equipment, including concentrators, nebulizers, walkers, commodes, wheelchairs and electric beds, if needed.

For Medicaid covered ALP:

The ALP’s designated registered nurse advises our contracted CHHA in the completion of the screening instruments for ALP. These include a PRI and a Nursing/Functional/Social Assessment. The admission materials are sent to the DSS. The DSS representative comes in and evaluates each resident before deciding eligibility.

Admission criteria:

The Assisted Living Program candidate should be someone who requires less assistance than a Nursing Home. Residents who meet one or more of the following criteria may be candidates for ALP. Needs assistance with:

  • Toileting or incontinence
  • Transferring or is a one-person-transfer
  • Insulin and blood sugar testing (Nursing Care must be paid by Medicaid –versus Medicare –to be seen as an eligibility criteria)
  • Medicated Eye-Drop administration
  • Direction with ADL’s due to Dementia

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