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Woodhaven Center of Care is a 143-bed licensed Skilled Nursing Facility, as well as a 181-bed Medicaid funded, NY State Licensed Assisted Living facility. Both are located on the same campus in Port Jefferson Station. We have been providing loving, dignified care to our residents for more than 40 years, with Long-Term Care, Sub-Acute Care and Short-Term Rehabilitation while being certified for both Medicaid and Medicare.

Our diverse facility includes such programs as Rehabilitation Services, Social Work/Discharge Planning, Nutritional Services, Nursing Services and Therapeutic Recreation. Hospitals are discharging patients earlier than ever before. Our skilled, specially trained Nursing Department can accommodate patients who require IV therapy, oxygen therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychosocial therapy, specialized wound care, and pain management, all in a home-like environment.

In addition to our highly skilled Nursing Department, we provide an interdisciplinary team consisting of, but not limited to, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Dieticians and Speech Therapists.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is Long-Term Care?

Residents with a chronic medical condition requiring 24-hour nursing care are expertly cared for in our Skilled Nursing Facilities. Services include skilled nursing care, complex medical care and rehabilitation as needed.

What is Sub-Acute Care?

Sub-Acute care is a continuation of the services provided at the hospital on a less costly basis. Complex medical care is offered, such as IV and oxygen therapy, wound care, and pain management when a person is ready to leave the hospital setting but not quite ready to go home.

What is Short-Term Care?

The Short-Term Rehabilitation program is dedicated to helping our residents return home as quickly as possible. Patients who have suffered hip fractures, strokes or amputations receive intensive restorative therapy, with the goal of eminent discharge.

What are your Rehabilitation Services?

At Woodhaven Center of Care rehabilitation services are provided by a team of dedicated, caring professionals. The physical, occupational, and speech therapists along with our rehabilitation nurses work closely together to assist individuals in achieving their maximum functional ability.

Our short-term rehabilitation program is designed with the goal of helping residents return home promptly. Discharge planning begins on the day of admission with an average stay of six to twelve weeks. Meetings are held with the resident and/or family to review progress and goals on an ongoing basis. Rehabilitation therapy is provided 6 days a week, for a minimum of thirty minutes per session.


  • Mom came to Woodhaven after a surgery for short-term rehabilitation. The staff is very efficient and kind and the environment very clean. The Rehabilitation Department did a great job is helping her return home. We want to thank everyone for their help.
    — Maria S.

  • We want to thank you for the excellent care that you gave to our mother while she was at your facility. Mom started out in the Assisted Living in 2012 and was transferred to the Rehabilitation and Nursing facility in 2016. I hope that no one is fooled into thinking that because Woodhaven is not as "modernized” as some other facilities that the care is somewhat less. Our family found that the staff at both the Assisted Living and Rehabilitation and Nursing Facility were excellent. Mom received timely medical care, proper rehab, as needed, and always compassionate attention by the nurses and aides. We would stop by often, several times a week, not according to any set schedule and no matter what time we arrived, we found that Mom was being dealt with in an appropriate manner, kind and friendly. Mom suffered with dementia, so she was not always the easiest patient to be around, but the nurses and aides always showed her kindness, keeping her clean and well fed. The maintenance staff was always friendly, and a special thanks to Elaine, in Admissions, for herunderstanding and competence was beyond words, helping us out on many occasions with Mom's care. All in all, this is a fine facility for the care of a loved one.
    — Sincerely, Joanne

  • This is my second time coming to Woodhaven for Rehabilitation after my fall. The staff gets better and better. I made a lot of new friends as well. I am happy they were able to get me strong and I was able to go back home.Marcia A.
    — Marcia A.

  • My mom has been living in Woodhaven assisted living for 4 years . I cannot say enough great things about the nurses’ aides, nurses, caseworkers, social workers, and recreation department. They are kind, compassionate, and always willing to lend a hand or listen if you’re having a bad day. The staff at Woodhaven is also trained in dementia care. My beautiful mother has vascular dementia and I have tried some other nursing homes when she was in need of Rehabilitation. I found that not all nursing homes treat residents the same. They assume the patient with dementia won’t know the difference if there ignored, dismissed rudely, or left so long ringing there call bell. Woodhaven treats all their patients with dignity and respect. Woodhaven Center of Care has lovely, caring staff members that I will always be grateful too. There will always be newer, fancier facilities to choose from but don’t be fooled by chandeliers in the lobby because it's all about one thing and one thing only CARE and Woodhaven has it .
    — Alison B.

  • It takes a special person to get into the healthcare field, it takes an extra special person to care for the elderly. Often confused, sometimes sad, ALL of you make this place HOME for so many who can no longer live at home. You also play a big role comforting family members and guiding them through difficult times.May God Bless you for taking time away from your family day in and out and for being the Angels they need!
    — A Residents Daughter